Core Values: Passion, Integrity, Prayer, Wholeness, Guidance, Spiritual Development

Mission: To educate, equip and empower women to become all God designed and called them to be.

Vision: To see women mentally, physically,  financially, socially, and spiritually  whole. 



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Totally You for Women, Inc. is designed to provide services and resources for women pertaining to their mental, spiritual, social, physical and financial health.  As the name implicates we do not focus on parts of the woman but on The Total Woman. We promote a holistic approach to maintaining care for women. This includes training, teaching, tools, and resources which lend to totality.  Many companies/ ministries for women usually focus on the spiritual development of women.  While the spiritual development of our audience is very important we believe in a more comprehensive approach in helping women with practical services and programs which relate to their total being. What is important to TY is personal and spiritual development (progress, expansion, growth). The negative, opposing culture is after the identity of a woman, yet we provide services which support healthy identity of our created being, our selfhood. 


Mental- dealing with pains of the past which have led to barriers and harmed perspectives of true identity. 


Physical- diseases women face and how to properly take care of the body- diet, exercise, sexual purity, healthy image, make up skin care, total body image   


Financial- debt, investment, covenant with God in our money, sowing and reaping


Social- how to make your relationships work- ie on the job, career networks, spouse, mentors


Spiritual – looking like a disciple  



Totally You for Women focuses on the total person, not simply the spiritual part but the practical parts of woman’s being. This would include financial, social, physical and mental aspects. We launched our first conference for women in 2007 where we had workshops on each of these parts of a woman.  We had a luncheon which featured overcomers, those who had been through tough challenges and survived.

Totally You continued to have events for women over the next few years which focused primarily on self-care, empowerment and spiritual growth.  In 2011 Totally You reached a new market of women in Cincinnati, Ohio with the Totally Your Time event.  Cincinnati was the first expansion city.  In 2014 with a charge for greater expansion Totally You began to plan for the explosion of cities we would minister in.  In 2015 TY served five cities with the Totally Your Time event.  Also, in 2015 TY launched its pilot program for the Totally Me mentor program.


Women need each other to encourage and strengthen one another. Women need to know how to love one another and their "self". 



    Throughout history women have been marginalized.  Women have been seen as the ‘other”. Many women feel disenfranchised on their jobs and in the church.  This has left some women seeking and needing redemption or restoration.  This has caused some women to feel slighted and sometimes hopeless and disillusioned about their value. 

    Women need each other to encourage and strengthen one another. Women need to know how to love one another and their self. 


    In urban and suburban America women have lives that veer in many different directions.  They have many different responsibilities, and they assume various roles. These socially constructed gender roles lead to complex and sometimes perplex lives for women.  Expectations are a key force in how women conduct their selves in our society. Many times we do not think about this because certain gender roles appear as normative. Women assume these roles sometimes because they do not know any other way; they have been programmed to believe that the cultural norm is the only way. 

    Many women struggle with their “self” development because of who they have been told they should be by outside forces.  The tension lies between the pre-assigned notions of who they are and how they should function because it is contrary to their existential self and their epistemology. They struggle with the linear modes of being and knowing that have been impressed upon them.  However, there are also inward tensions that women deal with.  The internal tensions can sometimes be created by fear or lack of discernment which can lead to a devaluing of self. Without dealing with the hindrances inside, a woman will never find her true self.  Without taking agency over her own thoughts and desires, a woman will not be able to withstand societal expectations because they have been embedded in American culture for so long.


    They can lose a true sense of self and the person God designed and fashioned in His image. Image construction and deconstruction starts at a young age for females as we begin to align or combat with the manifestations of marginalization, pressure of societal roles during the adolescent years. The middle school student is in a constant state of change.  It is during the middle school years that their bodies, hormones, and social life change.  During this transitional stage of life a middle school student can get lost without the proper guidance and encouragement. It is during this stage of development that they need to learn how to make good choices. The choices that they make now can affect their life forever.

    The decisions one makes when they are young may not be able to be erased but the affects can be redeemed as the person is restored. The redemptive power of the blood of Jesus Christ is available to all who accept and believe.  As a ministry to enlighten and empower women Totally You will work to be a ministry to aid and guide ladies to the right path; TY will be an influence of restoration and empowerment.